Based on the above video, the scene where King Candy was glitching because of Vanellope, and revealed that he is Turbo; I find the scene really creepy because king candy wasn’t as “sweet” as he turn out to be. King Candy is the villain of the movie “Wreck It Ralph”. The glitching started with revealing parts of King Candy’s real identity/ face, sometime clear, sometime pixelated, gives a scary feeling that he is transforming and the fantasy is breaking; King Candy is Turbo.

I want to apply the technique to my audio slideshow, creating a glitching effect to my images to create a scary feeling, sweet fantasy is over, here’s the ugly truth.


Vision and Nightmares

According to the brief, the suggested theme is vision and nightmares. What will be a nightmare?
Other than the usual – dying, I thought of a kind of nightmares that men would dislike.
Dreaming about the sexy ladies in their dreams, posing seductively waiting on the bed; when approached, they turn into ugly monsters and mutated humans. This would be every men’s nightmare.

How do i define sexy ladies? After asking around friends and family, I get an overall idea of who are the ladies that the men would consider as sexy.

First off, long hair. Ladies with long hair has been men’s all time favorite hairstyle. Long wavy hair, messy and looking sexy although just waking up from bed.

Second, perfectly built body. A lady with a nice body proportion attracts man even with their clothes on.

Third and last, sexy eyes. Ladies with confident killer eyes that brings sexy vibe can successfully attract most of the men.


So I have came up with a list of actresses that posses the above qualities.

1. Angelina Jolie,

2. Anne Hathaway,

3. Megan Fox,

4. Emma Watson.

I will produce an audio slideshow that showcases the mutated sexy ladies together with a soundtrack.


The time runs

February 2013
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