Chosen Sound Artist

My chosen Sound Artist will be Bubblyfish. Hae Young Kim has a background in classical piano, but she moved on to explore the infinite creativity in Digital music industry. She now works are a sound designer, audio engineer and interactive artist.

She creates chiptune songs and also do cover version of other songs. Chiptunes are more known to be 8-bit music or chip music. It is a synthesized electronic music that is often produced in vintage televisions and game consoles. Same like my chosen graphic artist, Bubbly fish creates an addictive tune using chiptunes, new to creating chiptunes, I want to challenge and learn about creating chiptunes. By creating an addictive tune with chiptune softwares i can find online, I will add in sound effects to create a creepy ambience/ feeling to it.
One of Bubbly fish’s music – ‘Probalbilisic’, is an inspiration to add in other electronic sounds to make the music sound “wrecky”, adding in noise effects and beats to the music makes it more addictive. While another music called ‘Of Knowing Not Knowing Pretend’, the first few seconds gives and ambience of creepy feeling. I also found out that extreme high or extreme low key tunes makes a music sound creepier.

Example The Glitch Mob’s Animus Vox, the first few seconds with bass playing gives a creepy feeling.

The classic Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor Organ piece uses extreme high and low keys in a sudden to create a bombastic feeling.


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