Chosen Artist

I chose Cyriak as my chosen artist because i always adore his series of annoying animation videos on YouTube.
Starting with the first video:

Baaa, the whole video features a sheep walking cycle. Whats so special about it? That is the sheep forming into mutated shapes with 6 legs and 2 heads, even weirder than that, flying heads that turns all around.
When i watch Cyriak’s video, for the first time it was quite disturbing, however for a certain period of time, it is actually very funny and creative!
He manage to capture everyone’s attention with one item in one video, and i really enjoy the fact that you can see endless imagination through Cyriak’s animation videos. Some of his work are disturbing and gruesome, some are just a little bit over the annoying line.

Cyriak is a artist from UK, He works as an animator most of the time, and he makes weird video for personal preferences in his free time.
He works with various companies for Commercial Ad and so much more.

Another work like Walks of Life, He uses finger to create numerous symbolic creatures, such as the dinosaurs.

He inspires me to look into minor details like the fingers and to create something that is not common.
Trying to work with Nightmare? Maybe i should look the opposite way for ideas.


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